Friday, 25 June 2010

3 X 500km at Chiltern Park

Nils Wedi, first 500km.

Booker had an away day at Chiltern park and Nils, Shack and Denis all flew 500km. Nils completed his first 500km for his Diamond, hence the big smile. Shack flew his task the opposite way round because although we gave him a task sheet we forgot to mention that we had changed direction. He turned it to his advantage and came first on the Ladder scores.
Our thanks to Denis Pearson and Chiltern Airsports for inviting us. Thanks to Phil the tuggy who braved the crowded skies over Aero-Expo to come and launch us. Many thanks to the dedicated band of Club members who stayed behind at Booker to man the Club stand at Expo. It must have been very frustrating trying to explain gliding to Joe public whilst looking at the sky and thinking I would rather be up there.

Derrigging at the end of a great day.

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