Tuesday, 22 June 2010

750 Day

Denis and I set off on slightly different 750 attempts yesterday. Sorry no pictures, maybe Denis has some. I set B04 GAI AND MET BOO and started before the cu. The first 25k took 1 hr!! Denis set BO2 TUX AND BOT BOO and set off 30 mins later and soon caught me up.

Conditions improved as we went North and by Northampton were stonking. Over HUS in 6kt thermals and 4500ft cloudbase to see fifty gliders on the ground..waiting? The air turned moist at Newark and Denis made the most of his decision to turn TUX and head South. I still had 25k to go and struggled.

By Bevoir the conditions improved again and I romped down to Newbury where the air went moist again and I slowed right down around AND. I guess by now Denis was going North again. I decided to call it a day as it was now nearly 5pm and I had 250 to go.

Denis (the grinder) Campbell plugged on and returned to BOO victorious as we supped ale in The Pad. Well done Denis, you proved my forecast right!


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Doug Hilton said...

Way to go Denis, a very long way to go. Great flight!