Sunday, 13 June 2010

Gliding continues at Booker unabated despite a contingent of members flying down in the Alpes and the Marketing team promoting the clubs activities at the John Lewis Partnership Summer Fair.
The soaring day commenced with the healthy roar of a Spitfire flying off for a day of displays - its interesting how the sound of a Merlin can bring people out of the various club houses across the airfiled, long may it last.

A grid was set and Rob, Simon, Phil and Richard set off on various tasks (with a few others later in the afternoon). Phil created an interesting logistics challenge when he landed FZA out which meant waiting for HNK to come back from the JLP summer fair and be rigged so the trailer could be used to retrieve him - all done in good humor and a credit to Steve who ran the airfield faultlessly for the day.

The day went on late into the evening waiting for David Hamilton to finally land at nearly 7pm - he wasn't going to miss a moments soaring.

Richard Crockett flying his immaculate Nimbus 2 over Booker

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