Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Longest Day

The Longest day and my longest flight. 760km at 87kph. Jim said it should work and he was right. Luckily turning TUX rather than GAI reduced my exposure to the poor conditions north of Newark.

The distinctive red brick center of Newark

Running at 80 kts in to TUX with what look like good conditions ahead

TUX from the north having flown on under a Cu that doesn't work; got down to 1500 asl heading south after this (maybe 80kts was a bit too fast?)

Hands up those who remember TP photos as evidence. Andover, but maybe not in sector.

Running in to BOT at 80 Kts under a dying sky; this time down to 2500 asl southbound at Melton Mowbray before finding a climb (maybe still too fast?)

Turning BOT

Finish Line Observers?

Good Finish

The Team

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Jon G said...

Nice work Dennis - sounds like a super flight. 1000kms next then!