Sunday, 10 June 2012

Serres Expedition - Day 1

This years expedition has got off to a wet and windy start crossing the English Channel as announced by the P&O ferry Captain - "Severe to extreme seas and may not be totally smooth" - an understatement I think.

Once into France the weather improved and everyone has arrived. Whilst the weather in the UK has been poor of late, France hasn't fared much better and the airfield at Serres and the surrounding area being much greener than previous years.
Looking down on the Airfield from Arambre
Briefing over, the gliders were rigged and first flights made in the afternoon by David H and Barry M in the Duo. Climbs in the local area were available to 6,500 but an area of high spreadout moving in from the northwest appeared to kill the thermals but there were large areas of smooth lift in Serres/Aspres valley allowing a venture north to Aspres.
Rigging KCZ
We came across a gaggle of gliders out to the east of the site at Crete des Selles including G-TABB who is competing at the Vinon Pre-Europeans. After a quick "hello" on the radio we saw him depart into an uninspiring sky to the south east but he competed the competition task of 314km back to Vinon.
Flying north to Aspres with an ASH25

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