Saturday, 16 June 2012

Serres Expedition - Day 7

Another brilliant sunny start to the day forecast to be mostly blue with a slight southerly flow and with an inversion at around 8,000ft. 

The kit was made ready and after a pitch inspection and winning the toss, Geoff decided to let the British launch first and leave the "D-" reg team to field for themselves.
Pitch inspection by the team
Tows were made to the ridge at Aspres to the north which became very busy with everyone working hard to get away and with a mix of gliders, hang gliders and paragliders discipline on the ridge was key.

KCZ with the ridge at Aspres behind
The conditions were tricky and climbs not too conducive to push hard into the big mountains but the Duo and the K21 were both able to push onto Pic du Bure, Col de Cabre and south towards Cabre. The K21 with David in had a dirty scrape away from the airfield after its initial push south and then had one of its best climbs of the day alongside a pair of the large and impressive Griffin vultures. 
David Humphreys enjoying a good climb

Soaring over Beaumont with St Genis ahead

In company with a Griffin Vulture

After landing a cool down was required in the pool before setting off to a restaurant set under the slopes of St Genis.
Relaxing at the pool

The view from the restaurant under St Genis 

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