Sunday, 10 June 2012

Serres Expedition - Day 2

The morning started very bright and sunny but with a forecast of "ze English weathur is coming zis afternoons" from Robin the full time instructor at Serres. With this in mind the team here received a masterclass briefing from Geoff identifying individuals goals from the week and then some excellent insights into mountain soaring based on his 25 plus years of doing it. An interesting aspect of Geoff's brief was that he has learnt a huge amount but he is always learning and understanding more each time he comes, always respect the mountains and never become complacent.

Briefing over the both Bookers gliders were launched into the sky that was again starting to cloud over and Simon McC took the opportunity to take a flight in the Janus with Robin where they pushed out to some of the surrounding ridges but eventually had to resort to an iron thermal to get home.

Dave and Geoff ready to launch

The Duo and the K21 explored ridges to the west of the site and pushed north to Aspres and Veynes where they met up before the approaching rain made it prudent to return  to Serres and both gliders arrived in the circuit at about the same time and were parked up just as the rain hit.

Forecast for tomorrow is for a bright start but rain again in the afternoon.

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