Saturday, 16 June 2012

Serres Expedition - Day 8 (the finale)

Well the 2012 Serres Expedition awoke to yet another glorious day in the French Alps. Clear blue skies and high temperatures. The forecast was good but mostly blue with some chance of wave from the south westerly airflow.
K21 on tow towards the ridge at Bane
 The K21 and DuoDiscus launched with Barry and David respectively onto the southern end of Bane and quickly established themselves in strong climbs to 7,000ft before heading north and cross across to Aspres before heading up to Pic du Bure and climbing to 10,000ft.

KCZ en route to Pic du Bure
Puc du Bure with the DuoDiscus about to arrive

The K21 then headed north west up the Col du Cabre and picked up wave whilst the Duo continued east towards the Lac du Serres Poncon.
Wave visible from the Col du Cabre
All too soon given the wonderful conditions, decisions were made to return to the airfield at Serres ready for the inevitable derig and pack up ready for the journeys home.
Getting ready for the derig
Housekeeping completed, a dip in the pool was essential followed by drinks and a meal at the "Snack" on the airfield. Prizes were awarded for the weeks flying including best hostess, navigation, distance flown and timekeeping (the winners can explain!).
Proud prize winners

Geoff unable to contain himself with his prize
With over 60 hours flown over the week by the expedition members in some stunning scenery enhancing their skills and great socialising, it is fair to say the expedition was a success and roll on 2013 when it will be open again to all Booker members to come along and see what all the fuss is about.

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