Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Serres Expedition - Day 4

Another fine day that started with a bang - or a thud to be more exact as this Blogger walked squarely into the Duo tail plane. After the refinish on the Duo had been inspected to ensure no damage, an ice pack, steri strip and ridicule were applied in equal quantities to the patient (hopefully the black eye will be gone before the return to the UK).

After this slight delay to launch proceedings flights were made to the east and south of the site using the dynamic lift off the ridges of d'Aujour, St Genis to Chabre before returning to Serres where a significant shower was coming through that looked like it may signal the end of the day but as often happens it cleared through to leave a pleasant evening which where everyone enjoyed a superb chicken curry and chocolate blow out desert at chez Barry and Adrian.
Duo launching

On tow with the ridge at Aspres in the distance

Landing with a strong westerly cross wind

The smiles confirm the end of a successful flight

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Jon G said...

Nice work Doug, glad to hear the Duo is OK.