Thursday, 15 June 2017

15 June - We are thinking of the Klippeneck expedition

A fairly breezy day today with surface winds 16G26 at times. Winds at height were around 20 knots.
After the cold front passed through there were some very strong thermals but not great for cross country.

Peter Cross started his Bronze C training and workup today. Everything from spinning, stalls, spiral dives to altimetry and navigation - gosh what a busy day.

Karen Blair has already been wing walking so a flight in a glider was a very simple affair by comparison, but it was great to see her big smile after a climb in a thermal and flying around under the supervision of an instructor.

Here at Wycombe Air Park we think the Klippeneck expedition is having an unreasonable amount of fun, so we will be sending a group in Lima Hotel to check it out and report back. LH leaves tomorrow morning!

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