Tuesday, 20 June 2017

19 June - Is Amy the new Amy Johnson?

29 degrees light and variable winds favouring 06, blue thermals to 4000ft QFE

Well done Jane for thinking of the Gazebo, good plan good plan. Also a welcome challenge!

 OK I think I got it now, this is the top?

A steady stream of flights, several private single seaters as well as the Junior and K21 flying today, most people returning to cool down.

Amy Hopson was treated to a trip in a glider as part of her birthday outing. Jack her boyfriend watched on as she soared away .

Amy soon got the hang of the controls and took us for a local sightseeing tour. First time ever on the controls, so very well done.

Many thanks to Rocky and Jack for putting up with the heat in the Robin tug, very much appreciated.

Another good day tomorrow?

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