Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ruth completes her Bronze C - Friday at Haddenham

Thursday was a good soaring day with many Booker pilots enjoying the great conditions. Friday was more overcast but plenty of good training going on.

On Thursday our hosts at Haddenham had already got the bus and retrieve vehicles out for us, fantastic, thanks very much indeed.

The Junior and Pegasus were quickly rigged and we were off.

Many thanks to Bob Davey for agreeing to sit in the back of the K21 and get the training on the road.

Bob with Luke before his solo check flight.

Doug and Richard preparing to go soaring in the Duo.

Well done Ruth for completing the Bronze C, good fun and hard work.

Ruth just after completing her Bronze C
Friday also saw Mike Barnard and Iain Segall working hard towards solo and 3 instructors from Halton completing their Motor Glider Instructor ratings with Richard.

Gliders were packed away just before the rain. A good day tomorrow is expected.

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