Sunday, 18 June 2017

Klippeneck update

After a leisurely cruise across Northern France the LH contingent arrived at Klippeneck to discover the Booker team members literally rushed off their feet as the evidence shows, only Nick stalwartly resisting the call of the horizontal.

The Saturday morning met  had promised a quiet day, but the weather Gods thought otherwise and there was plenty of  good soaring to be had and the local gliders were out in force to ensure that us visitors from across the Channel didn't have sole use of the sky.

The good weather looks likely to continue for the new arrivals from Booker who have trickled in during the day. LH is off tomorrow to  Friedricjshafen for a much needed drink of Avgas and a tour of the Alps while the new arrivals settle in.

Thursday brought a day of big cumulus and some wonderful flying and fortunately the big storms didn't hit until the evening.

Friday brought some very windy conditions but soarable and later in the day it was waving (but still very rough on the approach) 

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