Friday, 16 June 2017

What the heck, we are off to Klippeneck

Winds 270/10 and SCT cloud at 3000ft. A warm front passing to the North limited the cross country possibilities, but some good flying was to be had locally.

LH set off for Klippeneck, planning a leisurely trip with a lunch stop on the way. Whatever next?
Well someone needs to find out what the gang are up to on the expedition.

Flight planning done, lets go!
Meanwhile back at home we had a great day. Sohail Mustafa and Ayesha Fiffiqa joined us on a intro course, and Ashlea continued her training, introduced to stalls of varying types.

Bob Davey continued the tow pilot training for Chris.

In the afternoon Symeon helped out with the trial lessons, before looking after the evening flying group. that you lying down on the job ?

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