Thursday, 22 June 2017

21 June 2017 Mike Barnard goes solo

SE winds @ 10 knots, temperatures expected to be 30 degrees, mainly blue with an inversion around 3000QNH.

Launching started fairly early with Mike Barnard  doing a check flight before his first solo, well done Mike.

Mike getting ready to go on his first solo flight.
Lincoln Hirst had a very busy (and hot ) day getting to grips with circuit planning. 6 flights later we got it cracked, well done Lincoln.

The 2 Richards, I call them Richard I and Richard II, tried their luck with the Junior and did incredibly well in blue conditions.

Rocky and Bob did the tugging for us today, thanks chaps, hot work but good fun.

The evening group took over and kept flying until 19.50 and landed in the relative cool of the evening.

A cooler day expected tomorrow. We shouldn't complain about the heat, before we know it we will be back in winter.  

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