Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Serres 2011 - day 11

Phew - so hot, so far. The longest day with sun set at 21:21 on the 21st meant long tasks had to be flown. All 9 gliders that are here (315, KCZ, 768, GA, JH, 580, A9, JRG & AJ) flew around 5 hours (again!). Forecast was for light winds with little dynamic lift but thermals on any of the ridges facing the sun and possible showers/thunderstorms. The main team did over 320kms going deep into the higher mountains.

Good runs were encountered running down the Parcours and everyone arrived back having had a brilliant day out with KCZ managing 130kms.

Another day finished in the pool!

Waiting to launch
GA and JH on Parcours
GA getting stuck into the ridge

Lac de Serre Poncon
Today's task

PS - As I type this at 21:48 an ASW15 has just done a finish to land before being illegal - who knows how far he went?

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