Thursday, 16 June 2011

Serres expedition 2011 - day 6

A late evening last night looking at an eclipse of the Moon by the Earth, shooting stars and watching the International Space Station pass overhead.
A different and challenging day with forecasts of 28 degrees, showers and potentially thunderstorms which required some careful route planning and escape plans.
GA, 768, JH and 315 all decided to head off to the high mountains to the north east to make the best of the weather. Getting out of the main Serres/Aspres valley into the higher ranges required some courage but it was well rewarded. 768 made it to Italy with a final 7.6kt climb in a convergence to 13,500 feet. GA and 315 also hit the convergence with climbs to 12,000. The return to Serres had some challenges as showers started to move in from the north west and JH used much of his experience from earlier flights in the week and watching other local experts to work his way back.

Enjoy the photos - they probably give a better idea of what its all about than words can describe, tomorrow may be a rest day - the 2 seaters have already done 25 hours flying each this week!


jimboffin said...

Remind me to make the effort next year!

Brian said...

I love the pictures taken from the tail: They look fantastic.