Sunday, 19 June 2011

Serres 2011 - day 8

A late start today due to the lowish cloud and rain in the morning but which allowed for the new arrivals to get a site briefing (and catch up on sleep). The day later cleared up with brilliant clear skys and a gentle southerly on the ground and a westerly higher up.

315 and KCZ were launched to familairise this weeks team with the local area and local ridges. 580 and AJ also took launches with both landing out - 580 at Aspres-sur-Buech (an airfield about 8k away), AJ needing his engine to ensure getting back from Sisteron after being hit by a prolonged period of 8kts down.

It was also a chance to refill to oxygen on 315 and KCZ -always an exciting experience!

Ben with his new found friends at Aspres - not sure about the Agincourt salute though

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