Sunday, 12 June 2011

Serres Expedition 2011

The club expedition to Serres got off to a good (and early!) start.

The 1179 km lead and follow of 315, JH, HA, GA and 768 kept together throughout France and achieved over 90kph without incident but did generate a massive traffic jam driving down the final 60km into Serres itself.

Having held point for most of the journey, Mr Tabbner executed a daring overtaking move on the last hairpin into Serres so he could arrive first and grab the glory (he claims it was to lead us into the difficult entrance to the airfield?).
Trailers were all parked up by 21:00 local when it was time for a well earned beer.

The beer had to wait a few minutes whilst we did our first retrieve after Barry decided to check out the local plumbing by driving into a septic tank outside the chalets.

Staturday started with the 'new to Serres' pilots having check rides with local instructor Robin before everyone set off for the first days adventure into the mountains. The main party set off to the north and did a gentle 100k O/R to Col de Rousesset to the west of the Vercors range in the Alps. All went well apart from a very short period when a nameless plumber became uncertain of his position - however the rest of the team were able to to put him straight.

All in all a great start to the expedition.

ps - Jane the foods good as well

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Jon G said...

Don't use it all up chaps, leave some for the latecomers. Mine's a maxi entrecote by the way - thanks for asking.