Monday, 13 June 2011

Serres expedition 2011 - day 2

Woke up to a good sky followed by the communal breakfast on the veranda of one of the chalets where it provides the opportunity to discuss the previous days flying and start considering the current days plans (always open to change after the briefing from the Serres experts at Quo Vadis).

It was decided that the day would be a bit of a "Tabbner Tour" to get familiar with the more local area before anyone starts going further afield.

This proved to be an excellent approach with a Booker gaggle of GA, JH, 768, 315 and ECZ doing around 110k initially going north past Col de Cabre before routing east to Pic du Bure

and then south abeam Gap

to Chabre (a couple carried on to Lure) before a safe return to Serres via St Genis.

Pic de Bure proved to be very busy with about 10 gliders there at one point and proved to be the high point at 10,500 feet. The day had varied conditions with good cumulus mostly, a surprise wave climb in the blue on the crossing to Pic du Bure and the best climb of the day at 8.7kts on the averager by 315 late on.


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