Monday, 10 October 2011

Aboyne wave update

The wave is still working and the airfield is busier this week with a bigger contingent from Lasham also on site. Some of us have held on at Aboyne for another week. Dave Byass is now wave bashing in 315 with the newcomers, and all have had at least one wave flight. Rob Kehr's first experience of Aboyne was a 12,000 foot wave flight.
Mike C took a break today by flying his own glider, HA, around the Don Valley.
There has still been a fair bit of cloud around, but there has been good wave and it has been possible to get high on both Sunday and Monday. The local hot spot of Logie Coldstone still the favoured release point.

Today we had our second badge claim, a Gold Height, Jeremy Gilbey taking FGT to 15,000 feet over Dinnet.

Your correspondent has not had time to check out all of the flights over the past couple of days. We've been flying until sunset and derigging with the help of light from car headlights. Hopefully there will be a more extensive update tomorrow; then again, we do have another good wave forecast for tomorrow ....

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