Saturday, 1 October 2011

September sizzling summary and October openers

With headlines like that I should be consigned to the News of the World - lucky it is no more.

September really did deliver an Indian Summer and there were only 4 days in September when the club didn't fly. Over 450 launches were achieved during the month that inlcuded several cross country flights late into the month and a significant amount of soaring.

Several instructors have been frantically getting hours in before renewals expire (the message here is to do it sooner!) and the Bronze course run by Richard C was a success with Phil Binnee and John Lambe getting their Bronze badges, 1st solo for Neil Parkinson and type conversions with Ali Elliott on the K18 and Sam Gervais on the Junior. This list doesn't include the other achievements already mentioned in earlier September Blogs.

Jonathan Morris chose Booker as the best place to learn aerobatics having been awarded an Air League scholarship and went away having achieved his Basic level award under Graham Saw's excellent tuition.

The 1st October arrived hot and sunny and even though a large contingent of the club are wending their way to Aboyne, there were still 38 launches on one of hottest October days known. The sunshine brought out the T21 and all the flying was done in shirtsleves.
Jim White giving a pre-flight brief (?)

Jonathan Morris after gaining his Aerobatic badge
Chris and Jeremy take to the skies in the T21
Vannessa Faulkner after her Trial Lesson that she won in a Borlase School Raffle


jimboffin said...

Thanks Doug!

Doug Hilton said...

Good to see someone so enthusistic - your audience all seemed to enjoy the briefing and went away very happy, keep it up