Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tuesday Climbs and Cloud

Another good wave day North of the border. A little too windy for cross country with 60 Kts at 15,000 feet and lots of height lost when crossing in-to-wind wave bars. Lots of flights, with 315 going well above 10k on five flights.
Cloudbase was 4k and the gaps kept easing closed only to open up again. A few of us climbing to around 15k in the strong lift then descending below cloudbase only to repeat the fun later. Best climbs, as so often, just North of the lochs.
Some launched late in the day for some filming, the results are in the editing suite, hopefully there will be a new Aboyne video soon.
Daily heights and flights, provisional. (Flights will be on the ladder soon).
Mike & Russell, 315, 13,500ft
Ashley, 318, 15,400ft and then a second flight to 8,500ft
Mike & Arne, 315, 13,000ft
Denis 370 (evening flight to 10k)
Graham & Mike 315, 13,500ft
Mike & others, details to follow
Barry, JDV, 19,200ft, not quite a Diamond.
Bob, 279, 19,400ft (17,200 gain)
Bob, 208, 15,000ft
Robert & Mike, 315, 13,500

As I write this on Weds morning, 315 is climbing in wave for the second time today and 118 has just launched, so we're all off to do it again.
Rolf has arrived taking Booker numbers up to fifteen and the forecast is looking good for a busy few days.
Photos to follow.

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