Saturday, 8 October 2011

Soaring until sunset

Loch Muich from the K6 wing cam.

Friday turned out to be another good wave day, although most didn't launch until mid afternoon. Mike and Graham set off for Loch Tay in 315, Will and Denis declaring the same task, the Ventus Turbo turned back, but the K6 made it. The K6 was also the last landing at 18:45.


As always with the Autumn flying at Aboyne there were some great sunset views through the clouds late in the day.

Sunset from 10,000 feet above Logie Coldstone

Changeover day today, we did have eighteen club members here yesterday, Geoff Tabbner making the hop from Chiltern Park in his RV6.

Dinner in Birkelunn steak, chips, peas and onions or an indian from the new restaurant in Ballater.
Those lucky enough to be staying in Birkelunn have also been treated to Rolf Kern's pastry making skills with the Kern signature dish, tarte tatin, and chocolate bread and butter pudding.

Link to the BGA height ladder for flights.

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