Thursday, 6 October 2011

The soaring is never ending

There is so much flying going on here at Aboyne that we are losing track of who is doing what. Lots of flying on Wednesday and Will could be seen at 22,000 feet in his K6; this flight qualified for a Diamond, but Will is unwilling to sponsor the BGA with the claim fee.

See the BGA ladder as most of the flights are appearing when we get the time to load them. Booker GC is leading the height ladder and it doesn't look like anyone is going to catch us.

First flights today had a great view of the first snow on the Cairngorms, but the low wave faded away at lunchtime and most landed back.

Another round of flights above 10,000 feet in the afternoon, with 315 launching for 90 minute flights all day long.

318 has been busy with Ashley and Rolf flying this morning and Robert Turner flying it out to Loch Muick this evening.

Some great air-to-air shots from our new friends from the gliding club at Bremen. Attention seeking 315 crept up and got into the shots.

Adrian Hegner arrived yesterday, but despite this the weather is still good. Glyn has booked first flight of the day in 315 tomorrow so there must be more good wave on the way.

Toad in the hole at Birkellun!

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