Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October's Indian Summer continues

Whilst many members have been enjoying the delights of Aboyne's wave, the Indian Summer has produced many good flying days at Booker. The end of last week saw several days with multiple soaring flights averaging 90 minutes occurring.
The weather was good enough to see a reasonable level of activity in the trailer park and gliders being rigged to take advantage of the weather. There was a mixture of good thermals with strong climbs (under a low cloud base) and some weak wave that was working up to 3,000ft.
Chris Arnold enjoying Wave and Thermals
Saturday was another good day and the launch point looked more like the middle of summer than the middle of October with nearly 40 launches throughout the day.
Congratulations to Booker Cadet Ben Followell who went solo in EBZ on Sunday.
Thanks also to the Duty Crew who helped out with a minor issue on Sunday
Something is very odd though when you are still wondering around in tee shirts and shorts and then go into John Lewis to be surrounded by Christmas decorations??

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Great Pics Doug