Monday, 3 October 2011

Aboyne Wave Working Well

Over the weekend the first group of fourteen Booker pilots arrived at Deeside Gliding club for the annual wave soaring expedition.
Sunday was wet, but it dried out enough for the first round of model flying. Will Ellis demonstrating his electrified Discus, Pete Wyld dug out his micro video camera and we taped it to the Cub. In flight video to follow.

In the evening we had the first group dinner in Birkelunn; we know how keen our blog readers are to hear about the culinary aspects of any expedition. A Roast Beef dinner of the finest quality, ten out of ten for Chefs Will and Graham. Will's melt-in-the-mouth steamed treacle and marmalade pudding ensuring that we met our daily calorie allowance.

Monday was the first flying day. A classic wave sky (see the photos). Team Booker were first to rig despite not arriving till 08:30, Ashley and Mike launching around 9 in 315.

After a few fettling issues for some private owners most flew.
The roll call of achievements follows.

Bob D, 208, 17,623 ft over the lochs.

Mike & Ashley, 315. 10,000 feet, Lochnagar then Braemar.
Denis, 370, 10,000 ft, Lochnagar then Braemar.
Jane, 118, Flat tyre, barograph inop, oxygen broke, then 10,500 Ft over Cambus o May.

Bob S, 279, 8,000 ft, Ballater
Mike & Robert T, 315, (TBA)

Will, 10,000 ft, Lochnagar & Braemar - Distance flight of the day!

Will is flying his K6 and the wind at 6,000 feet was 50 Knots SW!

The circuits were sporty, and we packed up when the cloud arrived after lunch.
Not sure about tomorrow, the wind may be too strong, but might be OK with an early start.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Birkbeck and Robert Turner.

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