Monday, 24 October 2011

Strong Southerly Winds, Convection and Wave

The strong southerly wind over the weekend made every take off and landing one with a full on 90 degree cross wind but all the pilots who flew rose to the challenge and acquitted themselves admirably. This was one of the few weekends where the use of runway 17 might have been an advantage, on Sunday the wind was obviously sufficiently challenging for the power traffic to not bother as there were virtually no power planes operating all day.
Saturday produced some good soaring conditions in the afternoon which went on quite late but honours for the day go to Mark Wolfe who rigged his Libelle and had a good soaring flight.
Sunday was windier with a Met Office Strong Wind warning with 25 knot gusts predicted. Fortunately the gusts didn't affect us but as most people found out, the upper wind was definitely in the region of 40 knots as forecast. On the plus side though, there was a lot of wave about and climbs of 2/4 knots were to be found. Unfortunately one of the stronger wave bars was aligned east west just south of the 2500' airspace boundary and the climb had to be abandoned so we never found out how high it went!
Martin Kicks climbing in wave over Marlow Bottom
The end of a windy weekend

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