Wednesday 26 November 2008


Mike 7Q and I (Z12) had a good day flying along the Southdowns.
Set off at 9:00: arrived 10:45; rigged and airborne by 11:30. Wind started N 16kts but increased to 18kts before backing a little. Was able to run easily to Harting, then back to Parham to find Mike dallying in the Chanctenbury Rings. Followed a local across the gap
to Truleigh masts where the ridge was bashing off 4kts. Past Devil's Dyke to the windmills then along Ditchling Beacon to Lewes at breakneck speed. Back to Parham was straight forward but the jump to Bignor ended quite low with sun in the trees making knowing where the ridge lay a bit scary. Ran down to Cocking then headed home for an early bath. Not pretty or fast but great fun. Flight on the ladder.
Must get some lead and follow with someone who has the local
knowledge to get the route right and grow some b**ls.
I have done the same deal with Parham as last year so when 315 is
CofA'd it can go down there for the season and club members can fly
with reciprocal membership just paying Parham for the launch (I
suspect Booker will want a soaring fee as usual).


PS AJ also ran the ridge making his own way there and back

Saturday 1 November 2008

South Downs

I had an excellent day on the South Downs on Friday 31st.
Great runs along the ridge with fantastic views of the Downs and South Coast.
Mike is hoping to take the Duo down to Parham again for ridge running when the weather is suitable: another unique flying opportunity for Booker members whatever their experience level. The best wind direction is between slightly west of North to Northeast; with speeds over 15 to 20kts.
A number of Booker members have driven to Parham to fly for the day. It is well worth the drive to experience 100km of ridge. Apart from getting there and back having an engine is no advantage as by the time you realise you need it you are too low to start it.
I unfortunately forgot to take my camera so the pictures are from last year; much the same apart from missing the beautiful Autumn colours.