Monday 23 November 2015

Clouds and storms

Here's a great video of cloud and storm development for all you weather-watchers


Link: AZ Monsoon 2015

Sunday 1 November 2015

Foggy Sunday

The cloud followed the Thames
The fog which shrouded the Thames valley lifted just enough at Booker to encourage us to launch late morning.

Fully expecting to lift into pea-soup viz, and having briefed Lucas the tuggy to keep us up sun and close to the airfield, we then emerged into gin clear air with fingers of mist lying in the valleys.

Good viz to the North
On to four grand where the view was stunning, but just keeping an eye on the mist to the south-east of the field. 

Didcot smoking in the mist

Just as well as Handy Cross disappeared, then John Lewis and Marlow Bottom - you could see the mist marching across the fields. 

Booker in  the clear
An excellently timed high key and downwind saw the dump slowly disappearing.

Safely down to watch the mist roll onto the field from the 35 threshold and that was that for the day.