Saturday 29 November 2014

Flyable Saturday

Some reasonable weather encouraged a flurry of activity at the launchpoint, with the promise of some sunshine, light easterlies and warmer than average temperatures.

Meanwhile, the XC debrief session took place in the clubhouse, attended by many members, with some stretching their legs afterwards to grab a bit of fresh air at the launchpoint. 

A thorough glider and tug cleaning session at the end of the day was preceded by a reminder that canopy misting can be a significant hazard at this time of year!

Thursday 27 November 2014

XC debrief session - Saturday 29 November

There has been huge enthusiasm this year for xc racing, thanks to the new Handicapped Task method pioneered by Booker. This has generated a momentum that has lead to us bidding for, and getting, a Regional championship for next summer.  In order to learn from this year's activities - what we got right and an honest appraisal of what we got wrong - and apply lessons learned to next year's flying, there will be a debrief session on Saturday 29 November at 10am in the clubhouse.  

Topics to be covered will include:
  • What gets you motivated to fly / what demotivates you from flying
  • General communications
  • Feedback on the task setting
  • Feedback on briefing/debrief
  • Preferred types of task (GP style or held start line: the new distance task, old style tasks, AATs)
  • Facilities improvements we would like

Come along and join the discussion.


Sunday 16 November 2014

Booker cadet in British Team

Former cadet Mike 'Minigat' Gatfield has been selected for the British Team to compete in the 9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships in Narromine, Australia in 2015. Fantastic news, congratulations Mike!

The only way is up!
Photo: Cotswold Gliding Club

Monday 10 November 2014

Booker's newest member

Crockett Junior finally made her entrance early on Saturday, weighing in at 9lb 5oz. Nameless as yet, suggestions include Amy and Amelia, just to get her thinking along the right lines.

Congratulations to Sarah and Richard on the safe arrival.


November Soaring

Ready for the last tow of the day
Morning mist in the valleys, 2kt climbs by lunchtime and a beautiful sunset - a fantastic day was had by all on Sunday.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Why it pays to get up early

There were some fantastic views to be seen today by those who took the first launches, before the mist had cleared from the valleys. Don't turn off your alarm at the weekend, get up and get down to the airfield.




Saturday 1 November 2014

Where’s Winter?

Even though the clocks have gone back, there was much activity at the club today, with pleasant blue skies and sunshine on the airfield - great conditions for Graham and Alun’s aerobatic sessions.  Richard was also running an Instructors course, bringing together those following the FI(S) course, budding new Basic Instructors, and the useful individuals who will help out by instructing in the simulator.  Practice briefings followed, in groups, in the hangar and then in the sim, allowing many to experience and enjoy each other’s instructing attempts in an airborne situation at the same time.

Mr Bloggs being instructed on the primary effects of the controls