Wednesday 28 August 2019

Emily Collett

We are very sad to announce that Emily lost her life on Saturday 24th August while teaching aerobatics in her Pitts. We offer our condolences to Mike and to both Mike's and Emily's families.

Sunday 25 August 2019

A good place for old men, and the young ones

It's a while since anything has been posted, so here are a couple of pics. There have been plenty of good cross country days recently. Lots of cross country activity during August, and a huge number of flights in the last couple of weeks for the Air League.  Today is the last day of Dunstable regionals and Junior Nationals. Booker pilots are doing well in these competitions with a possibility of podium finishes (you gotta be optimistic). Read all about it in the next newsletter, Saturday was a great blue thermic day for trial lessons and training, with good climbs to 4000 Ft later in the day.  A couple of notable events, a trial lesson for sprightly 97 year old Denys and a flight in the T21 for the slightly younger Mr and Mrs Monk.

97 year old Denys Ovenden and his pilot Matt Porter.
Andy and Charlotte take to the air in  Snoopy, the T21.