Wednesday 22 December 2010

Fun in the snow - 22nd December

Whilst the snow may have brought Heathrow to a standstill, flying operations have not been brought to a complete halt at Booker. The gliding club managed to have the first fixed wing launches for a week earlier today (but do check with the office for normal flying operations).

Will Ellis stunned us all with his aptly named "Blizzard" glider as it roared around the skies blending with the sky, snow and cloud in equal measures - mean piloting.

Will H then tried out his ski equipped ME109 - on this occasion the camouflage made it easier to see. Brilliant fun until the freezing cold stopped play.

Great news - we are through the Winter Solstice, time to get ready for next seasons flying!

Sunday 12 December 2010

December Solo and type conversion

Don't let anyone say that flying slows down or stops over the winter. The weather this weekend has allowed flying to carry on as usual (and with several members using their winter soaring ticket - if you haven't got yours yet its not too late, just ask in the office).

The better weather and sunshine on Sunday enabled Phil Binee to get several training flights in with Richard Crockett and culminated in his first solo. Not to be outdone Nik Markert also converted to the Pegasus. Congratulations to them both.
The rest of us just enjoyed the flying - even if it was a tad chilly.
Phil's first solo launch

Nik after converting to the Peg

Sunday 5 December 2010

Cold and Sunny Sunday

After a week of sub zero temperatures, the snow and the fog finally cleared to allow frustrated pilots to get back in the air again to enjoy the great visibility and the fog that had hadn't cleared over the Oxford plain.

Don't forget the Club's Discounted Season Ticket - for only £200 you get 6 single seater launches and one 2 seater launch to 2,000ft all with free soaring, a great way to keep current and be ready for next years season. Details are in the November Newsletter or ask at the office.
Jane Moore - taking off benefiting from the Discounted Season Ticket

Fog over the Oxford plain which eventually came back to engulf the airfield

One of Booker's best - "Now what do I do?"