Sunday 24 February 2013

Annual General Meeting

There was a good turn out for the AGM last night, despite the freezing grey weather and flurries of snow. Chairman Geoff reported on the highlights of the year, which included the very successful relocation to Thame so that we could continue to fly during the Olympics. He particularly thanked Denis for his efforts in reducing the period of Olympic restrictions from two months to one. Geoff reinforced the club's vision of being a place for having fun with no rules, just common sense. He also thanked outgoing CFI Mike for doing an excellent job and a long list of members for their contribution to the club. The new CFI Richard stood in for Mike, who was on his sickbed, in reporting on the flying year, during which there were many achievements despite the bad weather. Finally Graham the Treasurer gave an upbeat report on the club's healthy financial position and the encouraging trend in club membership.

The evening ended with the usual drinks and snacks and lively conversation.

Now all we need is some spring weather.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Another day of sunshine.........

.........after a foggy start. We lost a bit of time changing ends as the wind swung back and forth, but it was a lovely day with 5kt climbs (says Jim) and a cloudbase of 3500ft. The last couple of flights landed as the sun set.

KLA launching on 06 with an interesting crosswind

The re-appearance of KLA in its new finery seems to have had an effect on the sartorial elegance of the members, as demonstrated on Friday. Members take note!

Saturday 16 February 2013

So that's what it means!

Jim White took members through the mysteries of weather forecasting with aplomb this morning, explaining where weather comes from and all the sources of information available. This included how to decode tephigrams, meteograms and lots of other -ograms, so there is now no excuse for not working out that it is going to snow (all something to do with the 540 line).

Meanwhile out on the field there was plenty going on. A very soarable day with several flights of over an hour and tales of having to airbrake down. Private owners were also to be seen rigging. All in all a very good day after so much greyness.

Friday 15 February 2013

KLA takes to the skies again

After the recent run of miserable weather, yet more snow and rain, the skies cleared to give a pleasant mild day with lots of launches taking place under an eminently soarable sky. The contrast of the airfield being snow covered on Wednesday, under water on Thursday and then usable today is quite remarkable. There are still lots of places where the field is softer than hot butter so care had to be taken with where to launch and where to tow gliders back after landing but everyone worked around this and a great time was had by all.
KLA looking bright and shiny - wow betide anyone who leaves it dirty
KLA flew for the first time since its total overhaul in the Glider workshop over the winter. It looked resplendent in its new blue and white paint scheme.

The forecast for the weekend looks promising so make sure you don't miss it or indeed Jim White's briefing on Saturday morning on how to make the most out of weather information available.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Guess who?

Here's previous CFI G Dale trying to get a reluctant cadet to get on with a competition launch. Any guesses for who that could possibly be, disguised behind those stylish sunglasses?

'Wish I was an airline pilot.'

Saturday 9 February 2013

Rainy Saturday.........

.......but still plenty to keep members occupied, including another well-attended Bronze briefing, this time Mike Gatfield on Air Law and Airmanship.
Class paying attention
This concludes the Bronze programme, but we will be continuing next week with weather guru Jim White on how to make sense of all the sources of information available to pilots at all levels. Everyone welcome.

Saturday 2 February 2013

A wind from the Arctic

The airfield was a chilly place today, plenty of layers of clothing required. We operated from an interesting position next to the bus and landed on 35 while the power circuit stuck to their choice of crosswind on 24.

Launching from 'Shep's garden'
There was plenty of demand for gliders, with the Aerobatics course run by Graham and Alun taking nice high tows and those who had attended Sally Longstaff's Bronze briefing on Everything you need to know about Radio coming out to play.

David and Graham doing those straps up nice and tight
There were also several course members getting in a bit of instruction. It was very thermic and the visibility was crystal clear, it was altogther a great day's flying which went on until the sun set.

Still a bit wet around Henley

Booker Airfield without the snow
Next Bronze Briefing:
Saturday 9 February 1000hours, Mike Gatfield on Air Law and Airmanship. All welcome.