Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Young pilot's dream comes true

Monday turned out to be a fine cloudless day.  Travis, our youngest member, coped well with the windy conditions and flew his first solo glider flight on his fourteenth birthday.  Needless to say he was delighted, as was his father Nick.  Nick is keen to take up the sport himself, perhaps one day his instructor son will be sending him solo!
Travis is the less pleased looking pilot on the right!

Instructor Graham Saw, Travis and father Nick.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Snow white

A couple more pics from the frozen north (not that it's particularly warm down south). Chris A went solo for the first time at Aboyne - no mention of whether he got to the end of the runway.

"OK well I'm up here now, just have to get down again."

Seems a shame to spoil it.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Booker in Aboyne

Booker's first expedition of the year is to Aboyne, home to Deeside Gliding Club. They have been joined by some of our friends from the Upward Bound Trust at Haddenham. The weather has not been exactly epic but they are having a good time. Yesterday morning 315 and 319 flew locally up to 5000ft ahead of some rain. This afternoon 315 (Richard and Chris A) went to Braemar and 319 (Paul F) and C4 (Dave B and Nick H) went to Ballater and back several times.

Above the clouds

Sneaking up on 319


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Booker goes back to school

At the invitation of one of our members, James, who is Head of Engineering at Chalfonts Community College, we took the sim along for two days for the Year 11 students currently considering their 6th form options to explore. As well as aerodynamics they were also interested in the engineering and design aspects of the sim construction - the servos which provide feedback and replicate the stick forces experienced in real flight. Other students throughout the school also had an opportunity to fly during breaks, as did some of the staff, so we were kept busy. We hope to welcome a school group to the airfield in due course.

Somewhere over Bucks