Friday 20 November 2009

Friday 20 November....

....... the calm between the storms. A very pleasant afternoon once the morning's rain had passed. A stiff southwesterly, but blue sky, 3000ft cloudbase, there were even thermals. Only 3 flights, but well worth the effort. Thanks to Pete and Bob D for turning out to get Mike and me off the ground.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

The day started with a 10kt south westerly with 2/8 octas at 11.00. It steadily improved and by 13.00 we had 4/8, 3000ft and 3kts – superb. The middle of the afternoon saw the wind freshen just enough to make it interesting – 15 gusting 20 straight down the run, a bit bumpy but not rough. The airfield which was a little damp dried out but we still took care not to spin the gliders on the spot when ground handling so as not to dig holes.

The flying diary was fairly busy and it was fortunate Glen Alison was on hand to ably assist with the instructing. With the unsettled weather we’ve had since the start of November several pilots were suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. John Turner and Richard Harris flew 314, Richard Clark was in DJK, Richard Martin KCZ, Gary Sparks, Steve Lawther and John McCollough were abintio training, Simon Phelps instructor training and Eric McLeod and Graham Morfey had check flights. An excellent November soaring day was had by all.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Booker cadet team gets together

Unfortunately two cadets had to leave before the photoshoot, but here is rest of the 2009 cadet team in all its glory.

Great use made of the clubhouse today with the annual end of season cadet meeting.

Fanastic support with all of the cadets turning out promptly for a 10:30 start! After the meeting, most cadets also brought their parents along for the buffet lunch; well someone had to bring the food.

It was another fine day on the airfield with plenty of the usual training from ab initio through to instructor training. Even Discus WD took a launch and Anne managed longest flight of the day with a 59 minute soaring flight.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Saturday 7th November


A beautiful start to the day with fabulous visibility and a light westerly breeze. It was thermic around midday with a 3,000' cloudbase but plenty of breaks to allow Graham Saw's aerobatic course to make the most of their 4,000' tows. In excess of 40 launches for the day made for a good 'un.

For those on the ground the entertainment was laid on with a "Strictly Pawnee Starting" competition. And the judges verdict is in..... Heggie 0, Collett 1.

Thursday 5 November 2009


Well, I did go to the ridge.

It was 268 to 280 from 16 to 20kts so not great. Spent 90 mins at 900ft working out how to get back then happened into a bit of rising air and took three s turns to 1300ft and home.

A good exercise in patience and ridge confidence.


Ridge and the rest

J1M has taken a tow to the ridge and confirms it's working at 1200'. Meanwhile it's trial flights and instructor training at the airfield.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Just had to be done...ridge tomorrow?