Thursday 25 June 2020

Varied aviation at Chiltern Park

We have continued with solo gliding when weather allows, but the other day we were entertained by the wing walking Stearman which came over from Dunkeswell and performed five displays with some brave customers. We carried on flying - having switched our circuit to the west to keep out of the way - and it all went smoothly, with a few gyrocopters and microlights added to the mix. It's great to be at an airfield where different types of aviation are all welcome, and operate alongside each other with no conflicts. Here are a few pics of the day's excitement - no captions necessary!

Sunday 14 June 2020

Booker's Chiltern Park Challenge

For a bit of fun, and to test Covid comp rules, Jim White directed a mini comp this weekend, using Nils Wedi's weather forecasts and Distance Handicap Task rules. Saturday came with a stiff breeze but a 6,000ft cloudbase allowed for a 200k task, zigzagging so as not to venture too far from the airfield. The winner was Denis Campbell in his starship, with Met Man Nils Wedi 2nd and Bob Smith 3rd. The day finished with a bbq. Sunday sadly did not come up with good enough weather for safe flying so we scrubbed. However, the weekend was a success in proving that we can run a comp safely in the current environment - all we need is the weather.

Denis launching on his winning flight


Evening weather

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Booker at Chiltern Park

We're still at Chiltern Park, still having fun. Duo Discus 315 has been retrieved from Lleweni Parc where it was on loan to Denbigh Gliding, as well as being available for members to drive up and spend some time in the Welsh wave. GH is also back on the fleet after a spell with the GSA. More people have brushed off the cobwebs and returned to flying - though still only single seaters. We have welcomed a couple of new members - Rob Hines and his beautiful Libelle, and old friend Paul Brice who is returning to gliding after a few years of powered aeros.

Rob landing his Libelle

Duo Discus back from its holiday in Wales

GH back on the fleet

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Booker flies again

After three long months of lockdown, the ban on recreational flying was relaxed on 22 May and those lucky enough to be solo were able to get back in the air. We are currently based at Chiltern Park while we wait for Wycombe Air Park to open fully again. In the meantime we are having a lot of fun flying well set tasks which enable fast times while not venturing too far and staying close to airfields and strips  - in these troubled times we don't want to upset those less fortunate than us by landing in their field. It must be hugely frustrating for those needing check flights and we hope for an early solution to the two seater flying problem.

We are grateful to the BGA for their efforts in getting the ban lifted, to Dennis Pearson of Chiltern Airsports for making us feel at home, to RAF Benson for understanding gliding, and to CFI Richard for setting it all up.