Sunday 31 January 2010

Sunday flying - cold but fun

Less sun today, so it was decidedly chilly, but we know how to wrap up warm.

We did a decent amount of flying including David Humphreys who converted to the Junior. And our latest convert from power flying, Simon, was introduced to glider aerobatics by Gary who took him along as a passenger while he practised. Simon was not deterred by this experience and will be back for more next weekend, having realised that gliding gives him much better value flying than power - and a lot more fun.

Saturday 30 January 2010

Another typical winter’s day at Booker

Today got off to a shaky start when gremlins got into the clubhouse and attacked the IT and the heating boiler. The hardy Bronze course attenders wrapped up warm and carried on with Jane’s lively presentation about air law keeping everyone warm. Things mechanical were soon back working with the assistance of some handy club members, clubhouse now warm again.

Glyn and Heggie flew to Shobdon for Sunday lunch and to check out the wave, for some members every day is like Sunday.

A lovely day to get your feet in the air and all of the two seaters were in the air as well as Junior FZA and the BBC’s LS8.

Graham Saw test flew our newly refurbished K13 CFA and reports that nothing fell off. Congratulations to Robin Willgoss and all of the other club members who helped out with this work.

Graham has also been selected as one of the 4-strong British team to compete in the 1st World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships in Jamijarvi, Finland in July. He is now looking for sponsorship for his mosquito repellent.

After successfully passing her Bronze exam, cadet Siena Whiteside (pictured here with Bob Davey) had the last flight of the day.

Ps Oliver Llewellyn is looking for an insurance share in a Club class glider, if interested please leave a message at the office.

Monday 25 January 2010

Saturday lecture and chilli

An excellent Bronze lecture on Saturday, Alun Jenkins making meteorology understandable. This was followed by a delicious chilli lunch provided by Donna, mother of Siena who is one of our cadets. Donna is a power pilot who has been converted to the pleasures of gliding through her involvement with the cadets, and is now in danger of being signed up as Catering Manager. About 30 members turned up for the chilli, unfortunately Graham and Robin arrived late from the workshop and had to make do with leftover bread and cheese. As a result of their hard work, CFA is now rigged after its annual and looks immaculate with a refurbished cockpit, it will be back flying as soon as the weather allows. Many thanks to them for their efforts.

Saturday 30 January, 10am:
The final Bronze talk on Airmanship and Radio,
followed by an opportunity to take the exam. If you intend to take the exam you will need to bring a protractor and ruler for the navigation section.

Saturday 16 January 2010

Bronze lectures - second in a series

Last Saturday 3 brave souls slithered their way up the M40 to attend Bob Smith's renowned talk on Theory of Flight. Today there was a roomful of aspiring pre-Bronze pilots to listen to Steve Williams on Navigation and NOTAMs, a very worthwhile topic. Following on from this, Jane dropped in to promote the club's expeditions to Shobdon (20-28 March - list now open in the office) and Aboyne (3 weeks starting 3 October). And finally, Tim Scott arrived to launch the new Booker mentoring scheme aimed at improving cross country performance and soaring ability for every single member - more information in due course.

Dates for your diary - Saturdays at 10.00 - Bronze lectures:
23 January - Meteorology - Alun Jenkins
30 January - Airmanship, Radio and Human Factors - Jane Moore, followed by an opportunity to take the Bronze exam

Sunday 10 January 2010

Sumo wrestling at Booker

Some variety in the clubhouse today as we tried out Graham's latest radio-controlled toys.

Sunday 3 January 2010

Aerobatics Weekend

'This Saturday saw another batch of enthusiastic pilots go through the popular Aerobatics Course run by Graham Saw and Alun Jenkins. The tug pilots were ecstatic after twenty seven launches to 4000 feet. The courses are on the first Saturday of every month throughout the winter.

The enthusiasm for aerobatics ran on into Sunday with some more advanced figures being flown under Graham's critical eye.

Sunday also saw the first thermal soaring flight of 2010, this year's honours going to Craig Cairns who took Bob Davey along for 32 minutes of soaring in a K21.

Earlier in December we had a special occasion when Hilary Binner was persuaded to leave the warmth of the Booker office to take her first flight in a glider over the snowy Chilterns. The big grin when she landed said it all.