Sunday 11 November 2012

November sunshine

A glorious mild sunny Remembrance Day at Wycombe Air Park where the traditional two minute silence was observed.

A good number of members turned out to enjoy the conditions. First up was John Sugden, showing his Hawk pilot brother Mark what a real aircraft is like, with a flight in a K13. Then Mark Wolff practised his sideslipping technique ready for his next flight in his Libelle.

Mark on tow
 Steve Williams and Rob Kehr headed off in the motor Falke to see the previously forbidden Lyneham zone, Steve's comment on his return was that Lyneham is 'very big'. And no-one using it, what a waste. Treasurer Graham Morfey made use of the new Winter Soaring Ticket for a good value flight in the Junior.

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William Parker brushed up his spinning patter for his instructor acceptance checks, and John Otty, when not flying trial lessons, took his cadet son Michael for a flight.

Family economy pack
Various others flew the K18 and the Junior, and did solos in the K13. All in all a very enjoyable day. More of the same please.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I forgot my camera.

Here's a photo taken with a proper camera showing the autumnal tints around Booker (WAP top right).

Come up and see it soon, before the beech leaves fall
And elsewhere at Booker..........

Late roundout?