Saturday, 3 January 2009

Great start to the New Year

Saturday 3rd January saw a forecast of clear skies, light winds and good visibility. Judging by the logsheets, plenty of members spotted the improvement in the weather and took the opportunity to fly.

We had a wide range of activities today - ranging from an aerobatics course led by Graham Saw, trial flights, introductory courses, pre-solo progression, early-post solo development, field landing checks in the motorglider and plenty of soaring.

During the day we also had instructor training, type conversion preparation and currency checking all taking place. This kept two of the three K-13s, two K-21s, a Junior, a Pegasus, Motorfalke, the Pawnee and one of the Robins pretty busy for most of the day.

We were pleased to welcome a couple of former Booker-GC pilots who flew in by motorglider to see what it's like at a busy site. Hope they enjoyed the cooked breakfast at "The Pad" restaurant/bar which provides cooked food and drinks during the day and the chance to watch the considerable activity on the airfield.

A couple of privately owned gliders took the opportunity to go soaring, much to the surprise of the visiting ex-members who seemed to think that soaring flight in today's conditions could only be achieved with the help of an engine. Jim White in ASW27 Z12 provided a good demonstration of what can be achieved at this time of year with a flight lasting over 1 1/2 hours and thermals climbs averaging more than 2kts+ up to 3000'.

The day was brought to a wonderful close with the sight of a pair of K-13s practicing dual towing behind the Pawnee as the sun was setting.

A debrief for the aerobatics course participants followed by drinks in the bar brought the day to a fantastic end. Here's to more of this in 2009!

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jimboffin said...

Lovely day to stretch ones wings. Unfortunately got bitten by pokey later in the day.