Saturday, 30 May 2009

Task week - day "8"?

Jim's initial prognosis for the day was spelt out in his morning alert email:

"Today blue / small cu to 5000ft in parts with 8-12Kt E'ly. Strongest thermals in east Anglia, most cloud in W. Don't think BLD is on. For a task I would suggest either:

BOB-LA6-DEV-BOO for 200 or
BOB-EDG-DID-BOO for 150 if you prefer to go N, or

or maybe this is the day to set an AAT?


As it turned out, we eventually elected for a single task -

Booker Bridge (BOB) - Edgehill (EDG) - Oxford East (OXF) - Membury (MEM) - Booker Airfield (BOO) - 199km.

There was some limited high level Cu around interspersed with quite a few blue gaps which made the task 'interesting' when combined with the 12kt crosswind. However everyone who started easliy rose to the challenge and successfully completed the task. I think at least one pundit extended beyond Membury and continued down to Marlborough and back (ah, the delights of bigger wings).

A Grand Day Out!

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