Monday 15 February 2010

Booker's Cross Country Mentoring Scheme

Tim Scott presented his vision of Booker's Cross Country Mentoring Scheme to a packed and enthusiastic briefing room on Sunday.

The aim is to provide mentoring and support at all levels for members, helping them to achieve their goals in gliding, and have fun doing it. Whether the goal is the first tentative flight out of gliding range of the airfield or winning the world championships the pyramid structure of the scheme is designed to help everyone.

The response from the group was very enthusiastic. Jon Gatfield collated ideas on key developement areas affecting cross country flying. Surprisingly most of these can be worked on doing local flights in a variety of conditions.
Tim will be repeating the lecture as a number of members were unable to attend this presentation.
The outcome so far is the formation of a group keen to develope their own and others soaring achievements.

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