Friday 6 May 2011

Spanish Plume - Booker Rules Competition 2011

The Booker Rules Competition 2011 has been underway this week and has resulted in 4 contest days so far for the 20 competitors. The weather has been challenging with strong winds and blue skies but this hasn't dampened down the enthusiasm of those taking part.

The days have been 'bracketed' with Marni's excellent barbecue breakfasts in the morning and burger and beers in the evening - several pilots have been seen weighing themselves to check out maximum cockpit loads just in case.

Competition Director Jim White has set interesting and varied tasks and as things stand Denis is in the lead with his starship 370 and the rest of the field hoping the "Spanish Plume" won't wash out the rest of the weekend and their chances of gaining first place overall.

Marnie has posted a load of excellent photos from the week on Flicker (check out the link in the Competition Blog site).

Booker Gliding Club also gets a mention in Pilot Magazine after one of their reporters came down to fly with Graham Saw and find out why glider pilots make such good pilots.

Competition Director with his wind resistant hat

All action at the launch point

Gridded up waiting for the 'off'

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