Sunday 29 July 2012

Sunday Showers and Scenery

A great day for training and some stunning views today.  We were surrounded by showers for much of the day, but only had a couple of direct hits.  Some great climbs until mid afternoon.  Here are a few more pics, the visibility was stunning, my phone camera doesn't really do it justice.

View East down the M40, looks like our usual home at Booker is getting that wet Olympic weather.
Final Glide in GBF back to Haddenham, the airfield is there somewhere, from south of the M40. 
I wonder whether they sell those canopy handles at Ikea?
Bob Davy gives a nervous wave before checking out Rob Turner for his Tug Thunderstorm rating.
Only joking, they went for tea as soon as they looked to the left.

Steve's LS8 attracts performance enhancing rays of sunlight shortly before being dumped on by the meteorological glider washing system.

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