Sunday, 1 December 2013

Meanwhile at the NEC......

The Sales and Marketing Team had a weekend in Birmingham at the Flying Show, along with the BGA and teams from four other clubs - HusBos, Aston Down, Camphill and Buckminster. There was a steady stream of visitors to the gliding section, mostly people who were pilots already, so we suggested ways they could enhance their existing skills, for example by coming along for a day of spinning - after all, just because their aircraft's flight manuals say they shouldn't spin, it doesn't mean they won't. There was also interest in practising field selection and landing, and some of them were tempted plain straightforward gliding as a change from engines.
Waiting for the show to open

Many thanks to Chris Collett (who drove up on Friday to set the stand up and then came back again on Sat and Sun), Hugh MacDonald and Hedda Coture for giving up their time to promote gliding and the Club.

The new face of British Gliding


jimboffin said...

Why are the BGA promoting hang gliding?

Doug Hilton said...

Or Graham Saw for that matter!!

More seriously though - well done S&M team, another excellent promotion of Booker which hopefully will generate some more interest to fly here