Saturday, 1 February 2014

Busy Saturday

The aerobatics course people were up early today, taking advantage of the sunshine to polish up their chandelles with Graham.

The calm before the storm
Meanwhile, there was standing room only in the briefing room for Jim's annual explanation of the tephigram, along with lots of other useful advice on why air rises and how you can tell when it's going to - and more importantly, which day to skive off and go flying.

Head in hands about depressions

Jim displayed a wealth of charts and other information about the weather for the day and correctly forecast that the wind was going to pick up.

Yes, Jim, it's quite windy

It got a bit too windy for K13s, and even for derigging, so KLA was taken apart for its annual in the hangar by a large contingent of club members - fortunately Graham was on hand to take command.

'I know I left it in here somewhere.'

'Give me 3 tons of up.'

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jimboffin said...

Lecture notes are on the booker xc forum