Sunday, 1 February 2015

Wind 31015 - It must be on the Ridge

The cold north westerlies must be good for something and with the wind forecast to be on the ridge there were no excuses for getting the K21 out and showing the ridge a good time.

First out was Mike Gatfield who also decided there had to be a task flown and turnpoints were declared and a (very!) short task was flown but at 116kph (and Bookers first ladder flight for 2015). This even allowed for some air to air time to formate on a passing RV6.

Mini-Gat enjoying life on the ridge

Running in

KCZ as seen by walkers on the ridge
Encouraged by KCZ's safe return, Paul C/Steve W and George H/Jim W went out and enjoyed an hour or so each on the ridge in KCZ and John H put in an appearance in his Ventus. It was extremely cold and progress was observed by many members on FR24 back in the clubhouse. In spite of the cold, general consensus was that it was more fun doing the flying than watching it!

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Brian said...

Fantastic - glad you could get onto the ridge AND back without taking the wings off!