Friday 3 July 2015

Regionals Day 4

The Met Man's brief indicated that there would be blue thermals but that the day would end early, so the tasks set were relatively short. In the event, the grid fell back to Task B - Abingdon-Olney - 175km. We had 3 people back over the line, the rest acquainted themselves with local fields and airfields, but the retrieves were efficient and most people were soon back at base. Final results are not yet in, but currently the day winner is Denis (370) followed by Nils (EN) and Jan (161). Check Soaring Spot for up to date results and news.

Part of the grid

Stream launching

Meanwhile we did a bit of club flying, and after one of the launches we found that the glider had been hanging by a thread. It shows how important it is to check the rope as well as the links when hooking on.

Splicing required

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