Tuesday 22 March 2016

Monday ridge bashing

A great day on Monday with the big westerly ridge working all the way to Hay Bluff. There were some soft spots, but J1M clocked up quite a few Kms above 70 knots.  If you worked the hotspots you could get to 2,500 feet but that wasn't where the most fun was.  The K21 carried out lots of ridge familiarisation flights and went to Hay Bluff on every flight, a great experience for those that hadn't flown on a ridge before.
Golf update; Vardigans 1 - 0 White.
Dinner update- Walnut Tree Cottage; Roast Beef dinner courtesy of J1M. Llangorse Cottage; ham, egg, chips, tomato, mushrooms, peas, brown sauce.
Spot KCZ. It is there somewhere. (Click the pic to make it bigger)

Another late afternoon view of Llangorse Lake.

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