Friday 20 January 2017

A fine day for looking at the view

Another fine day on the airfield.  Deceptively warm in the January sunshine. A few hardy souls made it to the 06 launch-point and then got their feet in the air.  There was some instructor development and a few quarter clovers.
Nothing special to report, but thought I'd blog a pic anyway.  It was great sitting in the back of the K21 checking out the local topography highlighted by the low winter sun; it almost reminded me of the Black Mountains!
Puzzle of the day - Question 1. Spot the windmill in this pic?

If you are new to Booker then if you enlarge the pic (by clicking on it) Turville Windmill is the tiny white blob on the ridge just right of centre at the bottom edge of the pic. This ridge can be a good thermal trigger with a little bit of wind to help.
Question 2. Spot the airfield!

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